The Mystic - sepia
in 3D Characters updated on April 27, 2012

A great man by the name of Monty Oum inspired me to create my own short film/fight sequence. I decided to create my own characters, as well, rather than borrow from others.

The Project is designed to act the only portfolio I would need, a culmination of my skills. From character concepts, modeling and texturing to rigging and animation, rendering, special effects, music... the whole nine yards as they say.

The Mystic, twin sister of the Warrior. This is the first stage base model, modeled in 3DS Max and rendered with Vray (material override). Next stage will be texturing, followed by rigging.

Goblins - Complains and Minmax
in 3D Characters updated on July 29, 2011

This, sadly, was my capstone project for my Associates in Multimedia for ITT-Technical Institute in 2007. The characters are from Tarol Hunt's Goblins, namely Complains-of-Names the Goblin, and Minmax the Unstoppable Warrior. I intended to have this big fight scene between the foes, but various life stuff and wrestling with a new animation program cost me too much time. I never got the character's skinned perfectly, hence, you get a stillframe render.

Goblins(R), Complains-of-Names(R), Minmax(R), and their likenesses copyrighted by Tarol Hunt, probably. So, (c)2011, cuz it's all still around. I didn't create the characters, just modeled and rigged them.

3DS Max (V-Ray Rendering), Lots-of-Robots' Automatron (for the rigging and animation), and minimal use of Photoshop for some materials.

This was fun, cuz I got to work with the cloth tool in Max for cloaks, loincloths, pants, and vests. I HATE the cloth tool, I've decided.

My First Dragon
in 3D Characters updated on July 29, 2011

Okay, so I believe every 3D modeler/artist worth his or her salt, especially one who's any level of nerd (which you probably are if you're a 3D modeler, just sayin'...) has a dragon SOMEWHERE in their past. Whether it's very good or not, well, I won't judge.

This was my first character model; since then it went drastically downhill, and I've decided making humans isn't my forte. I was the envy of my classmates with this one, which I made after my first 3D modeling quarter. I was very proud of it at the time; since then I've become a much more bitter critic when it comes to my own work, so I won't point out the things I don't like about it.

I did have it fully rigged, but the thing was a bitch to animate.

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