Thor: The Lost Saga - Proposal
in Game Designs updated on July 28, 2011

For our final project in our game development class, Aaron Mahoney and I decided to make a game called Thor: The Lost Saga. The following is the proposal for the game.

"Our idea is to create an action/adventure RPG based on Norse mythology and pantheon. The artistic style will be mostly sprite characters and monsters with scrolling backgrounds. The theme will be a top down navigation with side view battle screens.

"Think the Legend of Zelda meets Final Fantasy without the crappy random encounters common to most FF games. The setting is in a completely mythical world steeped in the mystical arts: magic, gods, demons and devils. It is kind of King Arthur-esque but all major influences coming from Norse myth. The continent has an uncanny resemblance to Scandinavia.

"The main character, THOR, is out to get revenge on Loki, who has stolen his godly powers and equipment and try to prevent the Norse apocalypse of Ragnarok and the death of a majority of the gods.

"Other characters will include: Odin, Heimdall, Jord, Hel, Fenrir, Jormungand, and others. Graphics comprised of bitmaps, gifs, and maybe some 3D elements. It will include sound effects and a background soundtrack. The target audience is RPG fans, male, ages 13-35."