Thor: The Lost Saga - One Page Pitch
in Game Designs updated on July 28, 2011

For our final project in our game development class, Aaron Mahoney and I decided to make a game called Thor: The Lost Saga. The following is the one page pitch for the game.

One Page Pitch

Thor: The Lost Saga

Nothing. You see nothing. There is darkness all around you. An empty void.

Suddenly, the darkness is broken by a brilliant flash of light, followed almost instantly by a thunderous explosion. The sound reverberates through the darkness. Another flash and another explosion, and you can see something in the distance. Then another and another. The sounds become deafening, they are so close together. You feel yourself moving through the void towards the source of the flashes. Out of the darkness you catch a glimpse of a titanic struggle between a man wielding a warhammer with tremendous strength against another man with horns growing out of his forehead. The light and sound emanate from the warhammer every time the Warrior strikes the Horned Man, illuminating the battle for an instant.

The battle continues thus for a minute or two. Then, as the Warrior seems to gain advantage against his foe, a pulse of light shoots from the Horned Man and strikes the Warrior in his chest, apparently paralyzing him. The Horned Man starts to chuckle, and with an arrogant and seemingly effortless gesture, expels the Warrior's hammer from his grasp and casts it into the nothingness that surrounds them. Another gesture and the Warrior's girdle is ripped from his waist and follows the hammer. Then his gauntlets follow, the Horned Man's imperious magic leaving the Warrior unarmed and vulnerable.

"I shall teach you to interfere with powers beyond your control. It is foolish to think that you could stop Ragnarok." The Horned Man stretched forth his hand. The Warrior grunted in effort as he began to glow with iridescent light. The light began to seep from the Warrior's skin through the darkness into the Horned Man's clawed hand.

"I hereby banish you to Midgard, where you can amuse me by living out the rest of your inconsequential life... as a mortal!"

The last of the iridescent energy left the Warrior, and he gasped with sudden pain. Then, the Horned Man lifted his hand; the Warrior rose into the air. As if casting aside a doll, the Horned Man tossed the Warrior into the surrounding darkness, the Horned Man's final words resounding in his mind. Mortal.


Thor: The Lost Saga is an epic action/adventure RPG which places you in control of Thor, the former Norse God of Thunder, turned mortal by Loki, the God of Mischief and Fire. The game chronicles the journey of Thor through Midgard, the realm of mortals, on his quest to regain his equipment, restore his godhood, and destroy Loki to prevent Ragnarok, the apocalypse.

Throughout the game, Thor meets many other Norse heroes, mortals, who may aid him. As he journeys, he gains in strength and resources to further his quest and ultimately prepare him for the inevitable battle. Along the way he recovers his lost equipment: Mjolnir, his hammer; Megingjarpar, his girdle; and Jarngreipr, his iron gauntlets. He calls on the help of old acquaintances, such as Brokk and Eiti, Beowulf, Sigmund, and others. He confronts the legions of Loki, including Grendel, Fenrir, Hel, and others.

Eventually, Thor regains his powers and equipment, and confronts Loki in an epic battle that decides the fate of the world, on the edge of Ragnarok.