Goblins - Complains and Minmax
in 3D Characters updated on July 29, 2011

This, sadly, was my capstone project for my Associates in Multimedia for ITT-Technical Institute in 2007. The characters are from Tarol Hunt's Goblins, namely Complains-of-Names the Goblin, and Minmax the Unstoppable Warrior. I intended to have this big fight scene between the foes, but various life stuff and wrestling with a new animation program cost me too much time. I never got the character's skinned perfectly, hence, you get a stillframe render.

Goblins(R), Complains-of-Names(R), Minmax(R), and their likenesses copyrighted by Tarol Hunt, probably. So, (c)2011, cuz it's all still around. I didn't create the characters, just modeled and rigged them.

3DS Max (V-Ray Rendering), Lots-of-Robots' Automatron (for the rigging and animation), and minimal use of Photoshop for some materials.

This was fun, cuz I got to work with the cloth tool in Max for cloaks, loincloths, pants, and vests. I HATE the cloth tool, I've decided.