Historical Family Connections - Your Family's Link to History
in Websites updated on July 29, 2011

The following sums up this website nicely.

"While each family is unique and wonderfully individual, all our stories are connected to specific events in history. Historical Family Connections goal is to link individual families to historical events in which their ancestors have participated.

"Hundreds, even thousands of our families shared the same experiences, and now their stories can be linked to history through beautifully hard bound books full of photos, quotes, time sensitive maps, and descriptive circumstances that made each era distinctive.

"The journey begins with you. The insight you have will help create an heirloom that your family will always treasure. Simply fill out the historical family connections guide to the best of your knowledge and our staff will incorporate this information into our researched data that links your ancestor to history.

"Once Historical Family Connections rebuilds the time and place, the people in charge, and the action, you will have a story to share. Then your children and your children's children will know how their family helped make history."

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